lil Mench is a restaurant membership NFT project featuring tasty burger NFTs from the inventors of the original hamburger, The Menches Brothers. Launching on the Ethereum blockchain, lil Mench is your token to unique virtual, social, and dine-in experiences.

Coming in hot

When Charles and Frank Menches invented the hamburger in 1885, they created a staple of American cuisine. Today, we honor that spirit of innovation by bringing Main Street to the Metaverse.

Just as the two brothers had a revolutionary culinary vision, we are continuing that legacy by ushering in a new wave of Main Street – mom and pop – businesses into Web3. Through education, candid conversations, and — most importantly — great food, lil Mench will pave a path other small businesses can follow.

Charles and Frank Menches

The Secret Sauce


We have exciting partnerships in the works that will bring lil Mench holders closer to the action. We’re talkin’ sports tickets, tailgates, meetups, Mench merch, and more. The kitchen is hot and preparing your meal!

  1. bun top

    Invent the hamburger

    Done, way back in 1885.

  2. sauce

    Open three locations

    Done, tasted, and adored by Ohioans.

  3. onion


    lil Mench, big city. The first 1,885 people to stop by our food truck will get a free Menches Brothers burger. Come say hi!

  4. tomato

    Spice packs

    That signature Menches taste to try as home.

  5. lettuce

    lil Members

    Get the lil Mench discount whenever you visit our restaurants and show your NFT through October 2023.

  6. burger patty

    Mench merch

    Custom lil Mench threads, cooking gear, grills, and more.

  7. bun bottom

    Game time!

    lil Mench holders will earn a chance to win tickets to sporting events.

  8. bun bottom

    #Burger Frens

    … with benefits. Stay tuned 👀

lil Mench NFTs are randomly generated to create unique collectibles. From the Ringling Brothers to the Super Mario Brothers, our lil Mench NFTs feature traits that honor and pay homage to innovative brothers throughout history.

Some will be a ‘Charles’ and others will be a ‘Frank’, signified by their respective hats. Cooked on the same grill, but unique, nonetheless. We hope you’re hungry!

Cooks in the Kitchen

Our Team


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Grilling soon